Victoria Fine Foods, a manufacturer of slow kettle-cooked pasta sauces, wanted to create common premium branding across their product lines while still allowing for the uniqueness of each brand to be evident on shelf.

victoria fine foods case study

A collaborative team, including representatives from Fort Dearborn, Victoria Fine Foods and their design agency, were all integral in the redesign of these labels. Special considerations focused on the overall design with flexibility to show each brands personality, label substrates and enhancements to highlight the brands premium positioning, printing efficiencies for optimal pricing as well as achieving application speed requirements.

Consumers can now see the Victoria Premium, Victoria White Linen and Victoria Vegan products in stores with the new premium packaging as well as the newly launched Victoria Organic product line. Sales across these products have since increased as they now stand out on shelf in the crowded pasta sauce aisle.


  • Provides brand continuity while still creating uniqueness for each product line
  • Foil stamping and die cuts differentiates the product for shelf impact in the pasta sauce aisle
  • Collaboration resulted in packaging that meets Victoria Fine Foods’ premium positioning needs