Types of Roll-Fed Labels Explained

June 22, 2015

We’ve previously reviewed the topic of roll-fed labels and the branding billboard that they offer along with increased production efficiencies and cost savings. Now, we’ll take a look at the various types of roll-fed labels that are available and explain how and when they are used.

Roll-fed labels are supplied in roll form, hence their name. But, unlike pressure sensitive labels, they are printed on unsupported film or paper without pre-applied adhesive.  Hot melt adhesive is used to secure the label to the product during label application. Once applied, the labels fully wraparound the product, providing 360 degree billboard space for branding and product information.

Standard Wraparound

The standard, and most common, roll-fed labels wraparound the container, but do not shrink. There are several non-shrink materials available for these including: monolayer oriented polypropylene (OPP) films, laminated OPP and/or PET films in clear, white or metallized as well as paper substrates. The laminated versions offer higher levels of scuff resistance, gloss and stiffness properties as well as recycling advantages (the label composition traps the inks between the material layers).

Standard wraparound roll-fed labels are best suited for straight wall cylindrical or square containers, making them ideal for beverage, food and household products.

Roll-Fed Shrink

Roll-fed labels can also refer to wraparound shrink or ROSO (roll on shrink on).  The shrink material available for these include: PVC, PETG and polyolefin films with shrink percentages typically ranging from 3 – 20%. These materials use the same application equipment and process as standard roll-fed, with the added step of running through a heat tunnel to shrink the label and conform to the container, making them ideal for shaped and tapered plastic containers and aerosol cans.

Newer developments in roll-fed shrink films and application equipment offer shrinkage percentages up to 50%, which approach the shrink percentages used for full body shrink sleeve labels.

Insulating Foam

Insulating foam roll-fed labels are oriented polystyrene foam shrinkable labels that also conform to the container shape.  The foam material keeps the product contents hot or cold as well as protect the consumers hand, making them ideal for food & beverage applications. They are also suitable for various container types (plastic, glass, aluminum) with the most common use being microwaveable cups.

As you can see, there are several different roll-fed labels available as well as a variety of substrates and print options. Our technical Services team is available to help you select the best option for your product application and brand requirements.  From concept to finished product, they are available to provide support and ensure the success of your project.

Call Fort Dearborn Company at (847) 357-9500 or you can visit the Roll-Fed Labels page for more information on this unique labeling option for improved brand billboard for your product. Additionally, if you are interested in taking the next step with your labels, you can easily request a quote on our website!