ACH Food Companies wanted to transform its Tone’s® Grinder (sold exclusively at Sam’s Club) into a product that not only looks great in the pantry but looks great anywhere – tabletop, countertop or stovetop. This meant meeting the needs of consumers who valued the freshness and functionality of grinding their own spices and seasonings, yet also sought a stylish grinder that could be kept on display. But with limited free space left after mandatory labeling requirements, ACH needed a new labeling solution to meet its branding objectives.

Fort Dearborn Company recommended using our innovative Peel-n-Reveal 2-ply label in place of the current cut & stack label. The top label would include the on-shelf requirements with a hint of the decorator design, while the bottom label would feature a stylish design that consumers would be proud to display in their homes.

Utilizing Fort Dearborn’s Peel-n-Reveal label also allowed ACH to use its existing label application equipment since the label is consistent with the shape and size of the current label. By working closely with our Technical Services Group, these labels were applied at nearly 100% of the line speeds as the standard labels.


  • Bottom label provided five different decorative labels
  • 2-Ply solution maximizes branding requirements and messaging
  • Utilizes existing packaging equipment