technical service

From Concept
To Finished Product

Fort Dearborn has dedicated full-time resources to support each of our label products to ensure the success of your application from concept to finished product and beyond.


A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Fort Dearborn’s Technical Services Group brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a broad range of labeling technologies and application.

They often serve as consultants, working with customers to improve specific areas of the label design and production process.
Our Field Technical Service Managers provide “on demand” application support across North America. We also offer training programs to educate and keep you abreast of the latest technologies and processes across several labeling formats.

Application Support

Application support is provided in a variety of ways to ensure that your labels run smoothly:

» Label material (substrate) and adhesive selection and evaluation
» New product and line trial monitoring
» Line performance improvements
» Unbiased labeling technology and equipment recommendations
» Emergency technical support


Business Development

Our technical services staff interfaces with customers during the package, equipment and label design process and with the plant during the initial trial and production runs to ensure that projects are successful from concept to consumer.

Innovative Solutions

We are committed to providing our customers with “new to market” breakthroughs and new labeling technologies and converting processes that reduce total applied cost.

Working upstream with suppliers and other channel partners, we proactively seek opportunities to participate in product development projects, new product launches, and beta testing for developmental substrates, inks, coatings and adhesives.

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