Sustainable Products

Top-to-Bottom Sustainability

Fort Dearborn prioritizes sustainable label products and sustainable processes. We base our efforts on established sustainable-product design criteria:

Is manufactured using clean production technologies and best environmental practices

Require that, to the extent practical, our suppliers provide raw materials that meets criteria for performance and cost

Longer-term raw materials should conform to being healthy in all probable end-of-life scenarios

Is physically designed to optimize materials and energy

Optimize the use of alternative and renewable energy in sourcing, manufacture, transportation, and recycling of labels

Maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials

Sustainability Options

net weight material reduction

FSC Paper:
sourced from Forest Stewardship Council certified suppliers

Ink Systems:
renewable resourced vegetable & soybased, UV 100% solid free of VOCs

PCW Paper:
up to 20% post consumer waste

PEFC Paper:
certified chain of custody plants

paper and inks used are fully recyclable

Recycled Paper:
C1S up to 30%, WS up to 10% & 100% uncoated

film labels are recyclable and regrindable with the container

net weight material reduction (facestock & liner)

BOPP Facestock:
approved by APR for HDPE recycling

FSC Facestock:
sourced from certified suppliers

Non-Fiber Paper:
cotton, hemp, etc facestocks

PCW Paper:
up to 100% post consumer waste facestock

renewable resource based film

easily separated from PET containers in recycling systems

Recycling (liners):
sources for PET liners

recycled content film liners & facestock

net weight material reduction

High Yield:
opaque, yield advantage

replacing laminates with varnishes

post consumer recycled materials

polypropylene substrate easily separated from containers in recycling process

net weight material reduction

low density to float during recycling

High Yield:
opaque, UV & light blocking

renewable resource based film

30% post consumer recycled materials

film can be recycled with container resin

perforation and deseaming for sleeve removal

LLDPE Substrate:
easily separated from PET containers in recycling systems. Recommended for use with PET, HDPE and LDPE containers.

*Downgauging positively impacts the supply chain by delivering more labels per roll / bundle, and reduces changeovers & shipping weight.

**Meets APR guidelines for the PET recycling process.

Sustainability Label Options Kit

Want to see for yourself? Request a Sustainability Label Options Kit to learn more.