Stretch Sleeve Labels

Stand Out Marketing

You’ve put in the work to make a quality product, now dress it for success with a shrink wrap sleeve. Form-fitting heat sleeve labels create the dynamic, highly visible shelf presence customers will notice.

360° printable marketing area

Low production costs

Product resistance -label material keeps colors true

High-speed automatic or manual application

100% recyclable and uses no adhesive

Fits packages from 8 oz. to 55 gal.

Full Body Sleeve

Multi-Pack Sleeve

Super Stretch Sleeve


up to 8-color printing, economical for short to medium runs

for personalization, prototyping; sales samples and small volumes

Offset Lithographic
web offset for dedicated and combination runs



With automatic and semiautomatic models available, we can help you find the perfect application equipment for your needs.

Our models range in speed from 10 cpm to 150 cpm. Our equipment is designed and serviced by in-house engineers. We use corrosion-resistant stainless steel that offers a longer life span and ensures that your equipment will be low maintenance.


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LLDPE Substrate
easily separated from PET containers in recycling systems. Recommended for use with PET, HDPE and LDPE containers.

At Fort Dearborn, we are dedicated to developing the next generation of Stretch Sleeve label solutions

Get to know our versatile pressure sensitive labels, plus options and enhancements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are stretch sleeve labels?

Stretch sleeves are a 360-degree closed loop label (sleeve) that are supplied on rolls. The labels are printed on LLDPE film (linear low-density polyethylene).

What are the advantages of stretch sleeves?

Stretch sleeves offer 360-degree printable marketing area, offer product resistance, do not require adhesive for application, and are 100% recyclable.

How are stretch sleeve labels applied?

Stretch sleeves are applied by using application equipment that stretches the sleeves over the container. The film elasticity and memory hold the label in place. No heat source or adhesive is required.

Stretch Sleeve Label Kit

Today’s products need high-impact decoration and innovative print capabilities to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


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