Review and approve labels anytime, anywhere

Graphics Approval System

Collaborate with internal departments, external stakeholders as well as Fort Dearborn Company on changes, and review and approve labels anytime, anywhere.


Easy-to-Use Online Tool

Our SMART tool is a web-based system for managing the label approval process as well as historical version information of label PDF assets.

The system facilitates the updating of SKUs (from a few to hundreds or even thousands) and tracks all associated activity, job submissions, change requests, approvals and rejections. The system consists of two main modules:

Assets: Stores and organizes print-ready assets, Displays all historical versions, Provides reporting and inventory information
Traffic: Tracks the approval process, Provides automated routing and reminders, Maintains an activity archive


SMART offers customers multiple benefits in an automated workflow system to manage their label asset information:

Reduces turnaround time

Helps ensure accurate, hassle-free regulatory compliance

Lowers the high costs of obsolescence


Customizable to meet customer needs

Ensures faster speed-to-market

Significantly reduces the potential for errors

“SMART makes the prepress / redesign process simple. Before SMART the process would take 2-4 weeks. Now, that time has been cut in half.”

-Matt Kester, Purchasing Specialist Mizkan Americas, Inc


Secure Access

The login feature of SMART is secure and users are provided with passwords to prevent unauthorized access to information.

The logins are secure and rights-based providing users with access to their information only.


SMART is integrated with ORBIT to give users a single interface for access as well as access to additional information such as item detail information, invoices, shipments, etc.