Safeway’s Brand Manager wanted to launch their new O Organic Kombucha product line in a glass bottle with a pressure sensitive label to provide an upscale look for this premium product.

safeway case study

The process began with Fort Dearborn setting up a store visit to view the packaging of current Kombucha products and other premium drinks on shelf. Different label types and bottle designs were discussed during the visits between Fort Dearborn’s account manager and Safeway’s Brand Manager to determine the brand image that Safeway wanted to convey with their Kombucha product.

After reviewing several substrates and coating options recommended by Fort Dearborn, a metallic stock with a matte coating provided the shelf appeal that Safeway was looking to achieve. Fort Dearborn’s Technical Service Team, along with the substrate supplier, worked with Safeway’s co-packer on this new application type resulting in a collaborative effort that provided the expertise needed for a smooth launch of the O Organic Kombucha premium beverage.


• Achieved premium look with pressure sensitive labels
• Fort Dearborn’s expertise was utilized from concept through launch
• Collaboration resulted in packaging that meets Safeway’s branding goals

The team at Fort Dearborn was an integral partner in the packaging process for this product launch. We love how our O Organics Kombucha line stands out on store shelves.

– Joanna Komvopoulos, Brand Manager, Own Brands at Safeway