Recognizing a consumer need for a thicker, heartier sauce that is not currently on the market, R&B Foods decided to expand their portfolio with the Homestyle line. Since they were looking to carve out a new segment in the pasta sauce category – “Mainstream Plus” – with this new premium Ragu line, R&B Foods wanted to create not only a unique high-end label that highlighted the ingredients but one that also has a consistent look with their other Ragu pasta sauces.

r&b foods case study

Working upstream with the Marketing Team at R&B Foods as well as their design agency, Design Partners, Fort Dearborn Company provided guidance to several label enhancement techniques that would create the high-end cut & stack paper label that would help this Ragu Homestyle product line stand out in the premium pasta sauce aisle. With the use of embossing and dual coatings (matte/gloss), the labels provided a distinctive look, especially on the cutting board background and fresh ingredient photos that provided depth and contrast.

Utilizing a cut & stack paper label also allowed R&B Foods to apply these labels on their existing application equipment. Not having to make any additional capital investments helped them meet their cost objectives for this new product line.


  • Label is consistent with the Ragu brand but conveys it’s premium ingredients
  • Products clearly stand out on shelf as a step above traditional red sauces
  • Fort Dearborn’s expertise was utilized upstream in a collaborative effort

Relying on Fort Dearborn’s experience and knowledge in creating high-end labels provided us with the opportunity to create a new product line that meets our premium positioning goals while staying true to the Ragu brand.

– Christine Kirby, Associate Brand Manager, R&B Foods