Pressure Sensitive Labels

Branding that Sticks

Pressure sensitive labels offer a high-end look that’s perfect for showing off your product. For single label applications, front-and-back labeling, or that classy no-label look, pressure sensitive labels can be a great choice for nearly any container type and shape. Best of all, you can build your brand with pressure sensitive labels without sacrificing your sustainability goals.

High quality print graphics

Variety of film and paper facestocks including clear for the “no label” look

Multiple finishing and custom die-cutting options

Suitable for a broad variety of container shapes

Low application costs

Total installation pulls cold glue costs out of the supply chain





Flexo / screen combination
UV, water-based for production volumes

for personalization, prototyping; sales samples and small volumes



  • high gloss
  • metallized
  • recyclable
  • semi-gloss
  • specialty


  • clear
  • metallized
  • recyclable
  • white
  • wood veneer




Wood Veneer



Unique Textures


net weight material reduction(facestock & liner)

BOPP Facestock
approved by APR for HDPE recycling

FSC Facestock
sourced from certified suppliers

Non-Fiber Paper
cotton, hemp, etc facestocks

PCW Paper
up to 100% post consumer waste facestock

renewable resource based film

easily separated from PET containers in recycling systems

Recycling (liners)
sources for PET liners

recycled content film liners & facestock

At Fort Dearborn, we are dedicated to developing the next generation of Pressure Sensitive label solutions

Get to know our versatile pressure sensitive labels, plus options and enhancements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are pressure sensitive labels?

Pressure sensitive labels are printed on paper or film facestock material and can be die-cut into specific shapes. The facestock material has a pre-applied adhesive on the back and a liner to cover it.

What are the advantages of pressure sensitive labels?

Pressure sensitive labels can be used for just about any product, whether you need a single label or a front-and-back label application. They can be printed on transparent film or opaque paper, and they can be applied to any product with a smooth surface to give it a “no-label look.”

How are pressure sensitive labels applied?

Pressure sensitive labels are easy to apply. Many companies choose pressure sensitive labels because they can be applied either by hand or machine, depending on your company and your available facilities. The manufacturing and application processes are cost-effective and flexible to suit your individual needs.

Pressure Sensitive Label Kit

Today’s products need high-impact decoration and innovative print capabilities to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


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