Pressure Sensitive Labels

that Sticks

Pressure sensitive labels offer a high-end look that’s perfect for showing off your product.


For single label applications, front and back labeling, or that classy no-label look, pressure sensitive labels can be a great choice for nearly any container type and shape. Depending on your facilities, pressure sensitive labels can be applied by hand or machine.


Fort Dearborn offers a variety of film and paper facestocks, plus multiple finishing and die-cutting options for pressure sensitive label projects.


Inks & Coatings: glow-in-the-dark, matte, pearlescent, scented, tactile, thermochromatic
Finishing: embossing / debossing, hot & cold stamping, reverse printing, die-cutting, lamination


Paper: high gloss, metallized, recyclable, semi-gloss, specialty
Film: clear, metallized, recyclable, white, wood veneer

Printing Options

Flexo / screen combination: UV, water-based for production volumes
Digital: for personalization, prototyping; sales samples and small volumes


Brand building with pressure sensitive labels doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your sustainability goals.

We have developed a variety of pressure sensitive options that support recycling efforts and can meet APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) guidelines, making them a win for brand owners and the environment

Environmentally Friendly Options

  • Downgauged (facestock & liner): more labels per roll, reduce changeovers and shipping weight
  • PCR Facestock: contains 30% post-consumer waste
  • PLA Facestock: renewable resource based film
  • Recyclable: easily separated from PET containers in recycling systems
  • Recycling (liners): sources for PET liners

Achieve Operational Efficiencies

Pressure sensitive labels can maximize manufacturing and application processes for short and long run production volumes.

Applying pressure sensitive labels can be more exact and reliable, improving setup, cleanup and changeover times and resulting in less down time and less process scrap.

Leverage Our Expertise

There are many options when choosing the best “sandwich” for your pressure sensitive label project.

From selecting materials to choosing the proper adhesive, Fort Dearborn is committed to making sure your pressure sensitive label project is a success.

Managing Your Label Inventory

Eliminate lead time and the burden of obsolescence with Fort Dearborn’s label management programs, which effectively manage inventories and reduce total applied cost by streamlining supply chain workflows.

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