Get Your Packaging Ready for the Holidays!

October 18, 2017

‘Tis the season! (Well, almost.)
Now is the time to pre-order your holiday packaging. Fort Dearborn Company helps many brands produce their holiday packaging each year. In our experience, the earlier a business starts planning for the busy holiday sales season, the more successful they are. Here are a few things to help with your holiday labeling needs.

Holiday Label Trends
Of course, colors are a huge part of any brand’s holiday marketing strategy. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a shift from traditional red and green holiday labels to more subtle, modern color palettes including blues, whites, silvers, and golds.

Our label experts can help you come up with memorable packaging that distinguishes your brand for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and beyond.

Holiday Packaging

Limited Edition Packaging
The holidays are a great opportunity to decorate products in festive themes making them stand out more on shelf and be more table-worthy at home for the season. We’re frequently asked by companies to help develop shrink sleeve labels for shaped containers to create limited edition holiday bottles. Products can also be grouped together using shrink sleeve to create multi-pack or on-pack ‘gift packs’ out of standard products.Any label can be used to create seasonal promotional packaging and digital printing is ideal for limited edition runs to create seasonal promotional packaging. By connecting products with the season, your products will more likely connect and engage with consumers.

Beat the Rush
Every year, the race for holiday customers heats up. That’s why it’s imperative you beat competitors to the labeling process…avoid rush fees and start the process now. Some retailers begin using holiday marketing as soon as October 1st. Is your brand ready to stand out?

Revamp for 2018
Even if you decide you don’t want holiday-specific labels for your brand, understand that now is the time of year to start preparing for a revamp in 2018. If you plan on changing your labeling, adding new products, or shifting your marketing strategy, contact our specialists today to talk about our label products and services.

Reach out to us today to get started.