Account Management
Made Easy


Easy-to-Access Online Tools

The secure login available at www.fortdearborn.com gives customers easy-to-use online access to manage and interface with their print projects.

Information and project status is easily available and accessible in one place for all of your label projects that print at any of our production locations.

Real-Time Information

Our ORBIT (Online Resource and Business Intelligence Tools) interface provides customers with real-time information access. Along with account management features, users are able to search and find up-to-date information on:

• Summary views of item, job, asset, inventory, production and shipping information
• Detail views giving specific data about items, jobs and shipments
• Download PDF files of labels/items
• Receive automated email notifications



Secure Access

The login feature of ORBIT is secure and users are provided with passwords to prevent unauthorized access to information. The logins are also role-based, providing users with access to their information only.

Business Intelligence

Fort Dearborn is currently enhancing our online experience to provide customers with more useful information.

We will be integrating our business intelligence tools online to give customers access to historical, current and predictive views of information. More information will be provided as we roll out these new tools.



Account Management

Access your account information online including order information, tracking, invoices, bill of ladings and manifests.


Our SMART (Systems Management and Retrieval Technology) tool is a web-based system for managing the front-end prepress process of print jobs. SMART is integrated with ORBIT to provide users with a single interface for access.