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Onnit Labs was founded on the idea of helping people achieve a new level of well-being through an extensive line supplements, foods, and fitness equipment. The brand was recently in need of improved labeling to accurately reflect their high quality product offering and call attention to their mission of using the best Earth Grown Nutrients available.

onnit labs case study

Fort Dearborn utilized an uncoated tinted stock of paper to help communicate to consumers on a visceral level the premium and natural quality of Onnit’s ingredients. Great care was taken to ensure the registration of the fine line work of floral and plant patterns on press. Overprinting the process color images of the highlighted ingredient on top of a rotary screen white additionally ensured that this point was clearly communicated to the consumer. Foil stamping the logo built equity in the Onnit brand name. The unique selection of foil provided helped to reflect the uniqueness of Onnit’s culture and products, while highlighting the logos consistent placement, which in turn helped Onnit’s products to be easily recognized by consumers on shelf. The custom black background creates a common trade dress across all Onnit products and furthers the brand recognition. Tactile varnish brought a high end feel to the overall appearance of the label.

From start to finish of our labels, Fort Dearborn helped us design and produce labels built to solve our branding challenges and drive the company’s growth and success.

– Michael Aaron, VP of Brand Marketing, Onnit Labs