With a passion for hand crafting spirits the right way, Matt Cunningham wanted his labels to reflect the artisan distilling process of the products he proudly produces in Clarksville, TN.

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Since starting his business from the ground up, Matt has been utilizing industry resources to help guide him along the way, including attending annual spirits conferences and trade shows. After stopping by Fort Dearborn’s booth to learn about our capabilities, we began collaborating on the printing and finishing options that would best meet his branding objectives.

After reviewing the initial label design, we suggested the placement of embossing, along with tactile, matte and glossing coatings, on the front label of all the products. The combination of the embossing with multiple coatings created the artisan look and feel for the Old Glory brand wanted, while also providing differentiation on shelf.


  • Strong artisan look that proudly displays the brand’s heritage
  • Fort Dearborn’s expertise in the spirits market help create an eye catching label
  • Collaborative effort from design to printing provided savings in tooling costs

Our approach has always been to create products that are a step above the rest, and with Fort Dearborn’s knowledge, experience, and attention to detail, our labels are no exception.

– Matt Cunningham, Proprietor, Old Glory Distilling