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Nutraceutical Industry Trends

December 19, 2019

Many new trends are emerging in the Nutraceutical market, specifically in regards to packaging. New technologies and innovative designs make for more eye-catching products to attract consumer interest. According to PMMI, the association for packaging and processing technologies, these trends are being driven by: ecommerce, the growth in sports and energy supplements and cannabinoid (CBD) products, and an increasing interest in environmental responsibility.

Nutraceutical Industry Trends

Ecommerce is playing a large role in the growth and packaging in the nutraceutical industry. Online sales of vitamins and supplements are growing 12% faster than any other e-commerce product. It is essential that nutraceutical companies are adapting and changing with the times, as well as the demands of the online shopper. This includes lightweight and flexible packaging, and modified atmosphere packaging to extend product shelf life.

Sports and Energy
Growth in the sports and energy supplement market is being driven by baby boomers and millennials. The broad market allows for nutraceutical brands to design products specifically for groups within various age ranges. The energy supplements market is coming to the forefront and creating new packaging innovations. Beverage manufacturers are focusing on offering a better product with packaging that’s easy-to-handle, eco-friendly, and keeps the product fresh for a long time. Packaging innovation is important for beverage companies with smaller package sizes, situational package types, and multi-packs. Emerging product packaging formats include:

  • Flexible packaging and stick packs
  • Aluminum bottles and cans
  • Shrink sleeve labels

In today’s busy world, people have turned to energy supplements more and more to help maintain energy levels throughout day-to-day activities. Younger consumers are specifically driving the market for energy products. Mintel data tells us between the age of 18-34, 67% of males and 47% of females consume energy drinks and are the largest consumer base. By 2021, it is estimated that the energy drink market alone will be worth up to $61 billion (Research and Markets).

Cannabinoid (CBD)
The market for CBD products is projected to grow from $2 billion in 2018 to $16 billion by 2025. This growth is showing increased demands for track and trace solutions, packaging with child proof caps, and amber-glass tincture bottles.

CBD products are packaged in a variety of formats including pouches and bottles. CBD packaging also needs to allow for easy opening and discreet use. Tamper-evident and childproof closures are increasingly important when considering packaging. As far as CBD beverages, portability is a huge trend, with stick packs being the go-to for beverage products.

Popular label formats include pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels. Extended content pressure sensitive labels can also be designed to provide additional content. Shrink sleeve labels provide extra space for graphics and text and can also include tamper evidence for product security. For anti-counterfeiting, there are options available with materials, inks and coatings depending upon application needs.

Interest in Environmental Responsibility
Consumers are becoming more concerned about the environment and the long-term effects of packaging materials. Companies will need to begin finding alternative ways to present their packaging in a sustainable manner. It is in nutraceutical manufacturer’s best interest to implement environmentally friendly packaging options when possible. Products packaged with too much wasted material can be a turn-off to consumers.

For nutraceutical products packaged in plastic containers, there are now several label options available that meet APR (association for plastics recycling) guidelines. These include recyclable pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve labels available as well as floatable shrink sleeve labels.

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