More for your Branding Billboard with Roll-Fed Labels

October 15, 2014

Looking for increased production efficiencies and cost savings, but a larger branding billboard for your product? Try Roll-Fed Labels. As you may already know, Roll-Fed Labels are a cost effective full-wrap option for many different container types. Roll-Fed labels have grown to become one of the leading labeling technologies in the world. Each year, over hundreds of billions of containers are labeled using roll-red technologies and roll-fed labeling and it is projected to continue to grow in popularity—get your products labeled now!

roll fed labels
The Benefits

With Roll-Fed labels, the benefits are numerous. Currently, Roll-Fed labels have grown as a leading labeling technology for the following reasons:

• Cost effective
• Variety of label materials (paper and film)
• Full wrap label for improved branding billboard
• Available in standard wraparound and shrinkable materials
• Improved line speed and overall total applied cost of Roll-Fed technology

A wide range of product segments and companies of all shapes and sizes currently use Roll-Fed label as their go-to-label of choice for their products.

What Products are Roll-Fed Labels Suited for?

The use of Roll-Fed labels can be ideal for several different products. Moisture and abrasion-resistant labels are great for labeling straight-wall or contoured containers. Roll-Fed labels are typically ideal for the following:

• Beverage
• Food
• Household Products

As you can see, Roll-Fed labels are ideal for a multitude of product types so that you can get that improved brand billboard to make your product will stand out among the rest on the shelf.

Are They Right for Your Product?

Brand owners continue to look to Roll-Fed labels in all major categories – from beverages and food to household products. If you are looking for 360 degrees of branding, Roll-Fed labels can result in a level of brand differentiation that gets consumers to take notice within seconds at the store shelf.

With roll-fed shrink labels, the benefits of a shrink sleeve may be achieved with roll-fed labels. We offer roll-fed shrink labels with shrinkage up to 50% for high impact shelf appeal.

You want your product to stand out, which is why Roll-Fed labels are typically the ideal choice for an array of products searching for an improved brand billboard.

Call Fort Dearborn Company at (847) 357-9500 or you can visit the Roll-Fed Labels page for more information on this unique labeling option for improved brand billboard for your product. Additionally, if you are interested in taking the next step with your labels, you can easily request a quote on our website!