Innovative Promotional & Functional Label Solutions

October 26, 2015

Fort Dearborn Company offers a variety of prime label solutions including: cut & stack, pressure sensitive, roll-fed and shrink sleeve for a wide range of applications. We also provide an array of promotional and functional label options to support your marketing efforts. We’ll take a look at the various options along with how they can be used when you need a label that goes the extra mile for promotions and when you need increased space for information.

Innovative solutions to support efforts including:

  • Promotions (coupons, recipes, contests, etc)
  • Multi-lingual content
  • Instructions
  • Multi-packs (bundling) & on-pack merchandising
  • Personalization / customization
promotional and functional labels
Integrated Coupon

The integrated coupon is designed for cut & stack labels and provides a perforated coupon embedded in (directly on) the label. The coupon can be removed by a consumer by tearing it off along the perforation, leaving the rest of the label intact on your container. The top side of the label is printed multi-color and the backside has one color printing. This solution is ideal for instant redemptions or for promotions to be used by the consumer at a later date. The labels run on existing cold glue labeling equipment and don’t require investment in new labeling equipment.


When you need the flexibility of a label that can provide an extra layer, the peel-n-reveal 2-ply label provides a removable top layer with backside printing (one or multi-color) and allows the bottom printed layer to remain intact on your container. The additional label space can be used for: coupons, contest, recipes or special instructions. The labels run on existing cold glue labeling equipment and don’t require investment in new labeling equipment.

Peel-N-Reseal / Extended Content Labels (ECL)

Similar to the peel-n-reveal labels, the peel-n-reseal labels are another 2-ply label solution. With these, the top side of the label can be pulled back to reveal the content underneath, but can then be resealed. Along with promotions, these labels can also be used for special instructions or multi-lingual text. The top label is printed multi-color and the backside top and bottom labels are printed in one color. We offer Peel-N-Reseal and Extended Content Labels (ECL) for cut & stack, pressure sensitive and roll-fed labels.

Multi-Pack & On-Pack

Our multi-pack and on-pack shrink sleeve labels allow you to bundle products for value-packs, cross merchandising and on-pack sample promotions. These labels offer production flexibility pre-printed packaging and are a cost-effective solution compared to traditional paperboard carriers and boots with overwraps. These types of packages can be shrunk with both hot air and steam shrink tunnels (if there is room).

Digital Printing

Digital printing technology can be used to print cut & stack, pressure sensitive, roll-fed and shrink sleeve labels for producing package/label prototypes, sales samples and market tests as well as short production runs. Since the print method is digitally enabled, there are no prepress plates and the printing is data driven, allowing for variable data and customization of each label. This makes digital ideal for supporting promotional efforts using unique images, custom names and sequential numbering.

There are a variety of innovative and functional label options available. Contact Fort Dearborn Company online or call (847) 357-9500 if you are interested in receiving samples or to discuss your promotional and functional label needs.