Impactful Labeling and Products

Fort Dearborn proactively seeks opportunities to participate in product development projects, new product launches, and beta testing for developmental substrates, inks, coatings, and adhesives.

Let’s Put Our Heads Together

Successful innovation starts with the ideation. We offer brainstorming sessions for customers to generate ideas and share knowledge.

Innovation through Discovery

We utilize the Stage-Gate model for potential new product developments.

Our cross-functional innovation team welcomes idea input from associates, suppliers, and customers.

Product Innovations at Fort Dearborn:

Smart Labels

Developments that allow for shelf-life extension or lightweighting of containers. Adding interactivity using codes, watermarks and chips (EAS, NFC, RFID) and anti-counterfeit features. Learn about our EAS & RFID tag insertion capabilities for shrink sleeves.

Shelf Impact

Differentiating inks, coatings, materials, finishing and customization options to stand out on shelf. We're developing the next generation of labels and packaging to build your brand.

Cost Reduction

The development of new technologies and converting processes that reduce total applied costs. We work with customers on specification optimization to provide the best value possible.

Sustainable Options

Labels using sustainable materials and inks to help customers meet their packaging related sustainability goals. Including downgauging, PCR / PCW content and recyclable labels.

Innovation Label Options Kit

Want to see for yourself? Request an Innovation Label Options Kit to learn more.