In-Mold Labels

Durability and Sustainability

Fort Dearborn is a leading supplier of IML (in-mold labels)—an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable packaging choice. We offer multiple IML print options to meet customers’ needs, including offset lithographic, flexographic, and digital.

Fuses with the bottle to become an integral part of the package

Will not peel, flag or curl

No label look and feel

Superior durability

Recyclable and regrindable


Offset lithographic
combination and dedicated runs

UV printing

for prototypes, sales samples, short runs and customization


Opaque and clear
Metallized and holographic are also available


Matte Coating

Metallized or Holographic Film

Metallic Inks

Cold Foil

High Gloss Coating

film labels are recyclable and regrindable with the container

At Fort Dearborn, we are dedicated to developing the next generation of In-Mold label solutions

Discover our in-mold labels and how they can enhance your brand and your bottomline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are in-mold labels?

In-mold labels are provided as stacked labels after printing and cutting. The labels are applied during the molding process and become fused with the bottle.

What are the advantages of in-mold labels?

Because in-mold labels are fused with the bottle during manufacturing, they are very durable and will not peel, flag, or curl. When the label film used matches the resin of the plastic container, the label can be recycled and regrinded along with the container.

How are in-mold labels applied?

In-mold labeling is a process in which producing plastic packaging and labeling are done at the same time during manufacturing. The IML is placed inside the mold and fuses with the bottle to become part of the package.

In-Mold Label Kit

Today’s products need high-impact decoration and innovative print capabilities to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


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