In-Mold Labels

Maximum Durability for Safety & Security

In-Mold Labels (IML) provide excellent resistance to chemicals, moisture and scratching, and cannot be removed from the container.

in-mold label

An IML label is placed inside an open mold as the plastic bottle is being blow molded. During molding, the IML label fuses with the bottle to become an integral part of the package. An IML label will not peel, flag or curl, providing a no label look and feel with superior durability compared to other label decoration methods.

In-Mold Labels provide many other benefits as well:

100% Recyclable and Regrindable

Fort Dearborn’s In-Mold Labels utilize engineered films that are matched to the resin of your plastic container so the label can be recycled and regrinded along with the container. Our IML film labels do not need to be removed for the container to be properly recycled as may be the case with other label decoration methods.

Less Material, Manpower, & Equipment = Higher Efficiency

In-Mold Labeling is a pre-mold decoration method which eliminates the requirement for post-mold labeling. With our In-Mold Labels, there are no release liners, no labeling adhesive, no labeling equipment to operate and maintain, and no labeler downtime. Therefore, your production lines can run with higher speed and efficiency.

Sustainable, Cost Effective & Flexible

Eliminating the costs and materials of post-mold labeling are not the only benefits that IML provides. An In-Mold Label will actually displace a small amount of the bottle’s resin used during blow molding, thereby reducing the overall weight of the final package. Additionally, Fort Dearborn’s IML labels are printed using UV offset technology, thus eliminating the need for expensive gravure cylinders associated with some In-Mold Labels and Heat Transfer Labels.

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Print Capabilities

UV offset printing

Up to 8 colors

Multiple die cut options

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