How Shrink Sleeve Labels Shrink Your Competition

August 22, 2014

When it comes to your product, marketing is key, which means choosing the right label is a top priority. As you know, there is an array of options to choose from for labeling your product. The competition on store shelves continues to grow, but a key differentiator on those store shelves are shrink sleeve labels. To better understand how shrink sleeve labels can shrink your competition, let’s take a look at four key reasons: visually appealing, full body label coverage, tamper evidence and combination packaging.

1. Visually Appealing

You want your product to reach your customers through eye-popping graphics, which is why shrink sleeve labels may be the best choice for your company. A shrink sleeve label provides a vibrant 360-degree billboard for your product. Compared to other label formats, a shrink sleeve label on your product is sure to stand out to customers.

If you combine the 360-degree benefit of a shrink sleeve label with a unique shaped container, you stand to gain an even greater shelf impact. Shrink sleeve labels maximize the marketing space on your product to allow for more opportunities to impress your customers.

2. Full Body Labeling Solution

As one of the most durable label products available, shrink sleeve labels are printed “inside out,” giving them a built in barrier against scratching and damage to your design. So, what does this mean for your product? It means your product will remain visually appealing for customers because you reduce the risk of peeling, tearing or scratching of the label. With shrink sleeve labels your product will continue to look its best on the shelf and beyond.

While shrink sleeve labels have a larger coverage than regular labels, they also are a great choice for products that face humid or moisture heavy environments. From the refrigerator to the shower, having a label that can withstand temperature changes and consumer usage is key to a great product.

3. Tamper Evidence

A shrink sleeve label can also perform as a label and a tamper evident seal—by adding a horizontal perforation near the cap. The tamper evident portion of the label can be easily removed while leaving the product label intact allowing you to save time and resources because you no longer need to purchase and apply two label products.

4. Combination Packaging

For combination packaging, shrink sleeve labels are ideal for multi-packs and on-packs. With printed sleeves, you can promote multiple containers together as one unit. Your company can package different sized and shaped packages together easier than ever. And once your promotion is complete, any combination packages that are left over can be converted back into individual units with minimal effort—simply by removing the external sleeve.

The average decision to choose a product is made in less than five seconds, which means your company’s label should be visually appealing with vibrant graphics. Shrink sleeve labels offer head turning graphics and a smooth finish to attract your customers’ attention.

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