pressure sensitive label


Pressure sensitive labels offer a great deal of flexibility for front and back or single label applications. The high quality printing, variety of film and paper facestocks, multiple finishing and custom die-cutting options offer creative and design flexibility on virtually any container type and shape.

Improved Shelf Appeal

With thousands of products on the shelf for consumers to choose from, high quality graphics and eye-catching visual effects will ensure that your product stands out from the crowd.

Fort Dearborn offers high quality water-based/UV flexo and UV flexo/screen combination printing with a wide range of finishing and die cutting options that provide brand identity and differentiation. The no-label look is achieved with clear-on-clear transparent materials to highlight your product for a unique advantage on shelf.


Pressure sensitive label materials are very diverse, making them suitable for a broad variety of container shapes.

Their durability is also ideal for on-product promotions, integrated security such as tamper evidence, and resealability.

Operational Efficiency

When compared to cut & stack labels, pressure sensitive labels can enable more efficient manufacturing and application processes for both short and long run production volumes.

The label application can be more exact and reliable offering improved setup, cleanup and changeover times as well as less down time and lower process scrap rates.

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Application Expertise

From material selection to the proper adhesive, our technical and market expertise ensure that your needs are met and your application is successful.