Cut & Stack Labels Offer Versatility and Cost -Effectiveness

January 28, 2015

Cut & Stack labels, also referred to as glue applied or wet glue labels, are an economical way to decorate most containers from for a variety of product applications. The labels get their name from the way they are stacked after printing and cutting. The glue is added to the labels during application to the container.

The Benefits

Cut & stack labels are an economical choice for large or small jobs for product branding on bottles, jars and cans. There are also a variety of material, printing and finishing options available to make your labels stand out.

• Economical decoration method, up to 1200cpm
• Variety of material options available (paper and film)
• Multiple print options to meet marketing requirements
• Custom die cut or wraparound
• Finishing coatings, stamping and embossing to add shelf impact

Meijer Juice
Variety of Material & Printing Options

The most common material used for cut & stack labels is a C1S (coated one side) paper material. Premium, specialty grades, wet strength (moisture resistance) and metalized papers are also available.

Synthetic film materials are also available in clear, white and metalized options. Fort Dearborn also offers a shrinkable film option to provide the benefits of a shrink sleeve label for cut & stack application equipment.

The most common print method is offset lithographic which includes combination printing for shorter print runs and quicker lead times. Cut & stack labels can also be printed flexographic or digitally for short runs or samples.

Finishing Touches for Added Impact

There are many options available to help your product stand out on a crowded store shelf. Coating options include gloss, matte, as well as specialty coatings for graphic effects and/or challenging environments. The labels can also be foil stamped, embossed or textured for tactile effect providing many opportunities for added impact.

What Products are Cut & Stack Labels Suited for?

The labels are very adaptable and durable, making them suited for a variety of consumer product applications that use metal cans and plastic and glass bottles and jars . Cut & stack labels can be used for many consumer markets and are typically ideal for the following:

• Beverage
• Food
• Household Products
• Paint & Coatings

If you’re looking for a very versatile and cost-effective decorating option, then cut & stack labels are an ideal choice.

Call Fort Dearborn Company at (847) 357-9500 or you can visit our Cut & Stack Labels page for more information on this economical labeling option for your product. Additionally, if you are interested in a digital printing quote for your labels, you can easily request a quote on our website!