How Coupons Motivate Today’s Consumers

April 12, 2018

Effective labeling is a continually evolving process that moves with the larger consumer culture, changing as the needs, wants and sensibilities of the consumer change over time.

What works one decade doesn’t necessarily work the next.

But, coupons continue to be popular among most demographic groups as a driving force in commerce that connects consumers to brands. They have a 120-year history that has evolved into the mainstay of motivating consumers to make a point-of-sale decision, but today’s coupons are nothing like those a century or more ago.

In the late 19th Century, Coca-Cola was the first company to successfully implement a coupon offer when they handed out, in every way imaginable, coupons for a free coke. It is estimated that 1 in 9 Americans got a free Coke between 1895 and 1910.

That coupon campaign gave Coke the market dominance which they still ride on to this day.

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Today’s Labels And Coupons
Since then coupon strategies have been repeated, with many successes and a few duds, with coupons becoming available as mail items, newspaper clippings, weekly flyers and in dozens of other ways; one of the more successful 21 Century strategies has been product point-of-sale promotional labels where a coupon is affixed to a store item for either that product itself or another, often related, product.

This practice is seen as accomplishing three things in today’s market.

  1. Adding motivation to point-of-sale decision making
  2. Increasing perception of cross-brand compatibility when the coupon is for an item other than the labeled product
  3. Grabbing attention when displayed as hang tags

Our label engineering capabilities allow us to create any labeling system which our clients find most effective. Often, our customers want to make frequent changes to coupon offerings or how coupons are displayed.

This might be done for A/B testing purposes or it may be done for varying display methods at the point-of-sale. Our capacity and ability to adapt in real time ensure our clients that their product engineers can implement their best ideas with short notice.
Consumer good packaging requires consideration for every aspect of the retail market, including elements such as regional factors, shelf-space factors, and perishability considerations. We do that and we’ll continue to move wherever the consumer’s needs take the market.

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