Color Management

Consistent Color

Providing consistent color across all label types and substrates, ensuring that all your labels look the same on a store shelf.

Our system is designed to document, control and improve all materials and processes that affect the accuracy and consistency of color reproduction, thereby providing continuous color quality.

We have assembled a team of color experts, each of whom is a specialist in the key stages of the color reproduction process, to frequently monitor and update our program. We have developed and incorporated standards for profiling our presses, file production, proofing processes, plate making and press control. These standards help provide consistent color quality across all label types and substrates printed at any of Fort Dearborn’s facilities.
Retailers also benefit from these processes to achieve color consistency from co-packers who purchase directly from Fort Dearborn.

Our HiColour™ 7-color process printing system along with our color management program provides accurate color reproduction from print run to print run, ensuring your brand is consistent across multiple vendors.

Color Management Experience

The associates at Fort Dearborn are among the most experienced in the nation.

They have received extensive training in color management, color control strategies, spectrophotometry, and color communication.

Their technical knowledge and experience, coupled with our state-of-the-art color measurement equipment on every press, permit us to produce labels and packaging that accurately match our customers’ standards.


Technical Services

Our technical services staff can provide additional detailed information on our color management program for a better understanding of our processes and quality standards. Learn More