Choosing the Right Label for Your Brand

February 27, 2015

There are many label options available for decorating consumer products and several important factors to consider when choosing the right label for your brand. Labels serve several purposes from conveying your brands identity, communicating product features to the consumer, providing functionality and helping to set your product apart on the shelf.

Container Shape

One of the biggest considerations for label type is the shape of the container.  The shape of the container will often dictate what label types could possibly be used. For example, if the container is a shapely plastic bottle, then a shrink sleeve might be the best option whereas a cylindrical can is more suited for a cut & stack label. Many containers also have ridges to add strength and improved handling or some might have slight imperfections which will also impact how a label will look on the bottle.

Meijer Juice
Product Coverage

Another consideration is the amount of product/container coverage you want the label to have on the container. Labels provide a billboard for a brands identity as well as necessary product and content information. The label will need to provide the desired coverage to accommodate all necessary graphics, text, branding and functional requirements.

Labels can provide full or partial (spot) coverage, even incorporating tamper evidence. Here’s an overview of the coverage achieved from various label types:

  • Cut & Stack: full or spot (front, back, neck label)
  • Pressure Sensitive: full (up to ¾) or spot  (front, back, neck label)
  • Roll-Fed: full or partial
  • Shrink Sleeve: full body or partial coverage, full body incorporating a tamper evident seal
Product Usage

The label will also need to hold up in the environment where the product will be applied & used and should be designed to withstand the entire supply chain as well as end of use. For example, will the product be subject to certain temperature conditions such as humidity, refrigeration, moisture or heat? Will the product be in a squeezable container? Are there recyclability requirements for end of use? The label format as well as the label material will need to be factored into the decision and selection process.


We recommend that customers get their label supplier involved in the process as early as possible. This will ensure that the right label format is selected upfront in the package / product development to ensure a successful product launch and eliminate delays.

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