Case Study

Wahaka Mezcal

Improving Shelf Presence in the Premium Spirits Category



Founded in 2010, Wahaka Mezcal is an artisanal small batch mezcal produced by a 5th generation mezcalero family in San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca. This premium product used a clear pressure sensitive label, but since the mezcal is also clear, the bottle did not have enough shelf presence in the competitive high end spirits category.


Ready for a redesign but not sure where to begin, they reached out to Fort Dearborn for guidance on how to best go about creating the new label. We started out by referring them to a designer who would be able to upscale the label by utilizing the printing and enhancement features we offer.

Understanding that texture and color attracts consumers’ attention, the designer created a label that takes advantage of all of our print stations as well as our foil, rotary screen and embossing capabilities. Great care was taken in discerning how the foils and inks would layer and to call attention to the logo against the uncoated stock. The use of tactile varnishes were also critical in developing the label.

The result is a new label now provides the shelf appeal and presence this premium product requires.


  • New premium label better showcases the premium product
  • Achieved increased shelf presence in the competitive high end spirits category
  • High-end pressure sensitive label expertise to create an award winning label

Through our new packaging, Fort Dearborn helped us to give Wahaka “a voice” so it could present itself and show all the information necessary to communicate how special our mezcal is. There simply is not enough to go around.

– Kenny Flores, Founder, Wahaka Mezcal

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