Case Study


Using Multiple Print Technologies for Cost Savings



When Baderbräu decided to change from bottles to cans for their year-round beers, it also meant a change to their labels. Since their current label supplier didn’t offer the shrink sleeve labels they wanted to use now, they contacted Fort Dearborn Company to see what options we could provide.


Unsure of how their current labels would look using a shrink sleeve label on a can, Fort Dearborn Company’s Sales and Technical Services Teams suggested utilizing our digital printing for their first print run. We also worked closely with Baderbräu’s creative team to modify the existing artwork to maximize their designs to the 360-degree billboard.

After the digital print run was completed and the labels were applied to the cans, Baderbräu was able to make some minor tweaks to each of the designs since there weren’t any previous plate costs incurred. Larger production runs are scheduled to print utilizing our flexographic capabilities while seasonal beers will continue to be printed digitally.


  • Digital labels provided cost savings with no minimums or plate costs for seasonal items
  • Flexibility to modify artwork before plate purchase and flexo production for larger volumes
  • Lower cost than pre-printed cans

– When we decided to start packaging our beers in cans, we quickly realized that using shrink sleeves instead of pre-printed cans was the most economical choice for us. We partnered with Fort Dearborn for both their digital and flexo capabilities since they could print all of our labels regardless of order size. Their expertise in helping us modify our current labels to full shrink sleeve designs has been invaluable.

– Rob Sama, Owner, Baderbräu Brewing Company

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