Make It Personal With Your Packaging


Digital printing is making a lot of headlines recently with its personalization impact. Brand owners are realizing the advantages of digital printing for connecting with consumers with relevant messaging and one-to-one personalization.

In a recent Packaging Digest article, Bob Miller, VP Sales at PTIS (Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions) states “It’s less about the consumer being conscious of the fact that the package was digitally printed, and more the fact that it’s customized or personalized for them.”

Connecting With Consumer Demand

With diminishing brand loyalty and increased at shelf purchase decisions that are often based on emotion, personalized packaging solutions presents an opportunity for established as well as new brands to connect with consumers. There are several consumer trends where this can benefit brand owners:

  • Increase in at-the-shelf purchase decisions (5% per Deloitte)
  • Brands are more often chosen for emotional reasons
  • Single-serve packaging has become a lifestyle
  • Growth of convenience store purchases (account for 34% of US retail outlets per Nielsen)
  • Brands that resonate with consumers also benefit from social media sharing


Label Personalization

Whether it’s a large national campaign or small regional promotion, brand owners are able to provide unique package designs with personalized labels. The personalization can include any variety of variable data: graphics, text, numbering, etc on any type of label (cut & stack, pressure sensitive, roll-fed, shrink sleeve).

There’s a lot of opportunities for companies to engage with their consumers and differentiate their product on the shelf with customized digitally printed labels. Since the variable information can be printed on each label without the need to produce new printing plates like traditional printing methods, the customization possibilities are endless.

Label Personalization Benefits:

  • One-to-one marketing
  • Relevant messaging
  • One-of-kind / unique packages
  • Promotions
  • Regional and local marketing


Proven Results

Successful campaigns have been launched for food and beverage products including: Coke’s Share A Coke, Snickers Hunger Symptoms, and Bud Light’s unique can designs.

The results for these types of personalized campaigns have been impressive. With “Share A Coke”, Coke was able to gain market share with an established brand in a declining product category:

Coca-Cola brought back its wildly successful “Share a Coke” promotion featuring bottles with familiar first names featured front and center within the iconic, red and white Coca-Cola label. Even as soft drink sales have been on the steady decline, during last year’s promotion, Coca-Cola saw its largest-ever year-over-year growth in the 20-ounce package — more than 19%. – USA Today

Many young consumers embraced the promotion and created a lot of social media buzz. Due to the success of the initial campaign, the company has brought it back with even more names running through the end of summer.


The Fort Dearborn Advantage

Fort Dearborn Company has extensive digital printing experience along with experience managing variable data throughout the packaging development and production process.

Our proven expertise has help launch successful small and large national campaigns:

– Technical support from concept through production
– Digitally printed label personalization across label formats
– Cut & stack, pressure sensitive, roll-fed, shrink sleeve
– Dynamic/variable text, graphics, and numbering

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to start personalizing your packaging.


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