Amazon Transparency Program


What Brands Need to Know

Over 50% of products shipped from Amazon come from third-party sellers, leading to a growing number of “fake products” targeting consumers. (New York Times, Welcome to the Era of Fake Products). Amazon has developed a unique coding system for product packaging that would proactively prevent counterfeit products from reaching consumers.

Whether products are fulfilled by Amazon or shipped directly by third-party partners, Amazon scans each serialized Transparency-enabled code to verify authenticity. Along with authenticity, the codes can also be used to provide additional product details such as manufacturing date, location, and product information.

How It Works

  • Each unit would be serialized with a unique 2D bar code on every printed package
  • Amazon supplies the codes to converters (like us) and we print the individual codes on each of your packages/labels
  • Consumers can download the “Transparency” app, scan the codes, confirm their product is authentic, or discover additional information about the product.

transparency label
To learn more about the Transparency program and the app, visit the website or download the PDF guide.

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