6 Signs It’s Time to Refresh Your Product Packaging


Custom product packaging is an integral part of your brand’s identity. Packaging design deserves the same consideration as marketing, production, and distribution, but all too often decisions are made once then never reevaluated again. How do you know when it’s time to refresh your product packaging?

Here are a few tell-tale signs:

1. You’re hearing from retailers.
Retailers, particularly national chains, are under increasing pressure to stock only high-performing products. Shelf space is valuable, and if your product isn’t catching the attention of customers and making it to the register, it’s costing the retailer money. If you’re hearing from stores that customers don’t like, understand, or respond to your packaging, listen.

2. Your palette is dated.
Like clothes and music, graphics tend to go in and out of style. Every year, in fact, the Pantone Color Institute names a “color of the year;” is your packaging on hue or outdated? Likewise, fonts don’t age well, either. Comic sans was all the rage when Beanie Babies were in demand, but if your brand’s font is way off base today, customers won’t even stop to read what it says.

3. Packaging costs have increased.
Do packaging costs increase faster than inflation? Your packaging process may no longer be the most efficient option available. Technological advancements have made solutions like digital shrink sleeve printing more economical than ever.. If you have a hunch you’re paying too much for packaging or that your current packaging methods aren’t effective, it may be time to look into alternatives.

4. Your competitors have changed.
If your competitors have been updating their packaging and you’ve been sticking with a “classic” design, you’re probably already behind the curve. Consumers have noticed. Brands that don’t regularly give themselves a freshening up might beg questions about whether the product itself is stale; don’t let that happen.

5. Market values have changed.
Maybe the founder’s photo made sense to include on your label when your product first came out, or perhaps it was a good idea then to print your price right on the label. Today’s consumer is looking at different criteria than the consumer of a decade ago so it may be time to consider a label design that highlights elements such as your product’s ingredients, where materials are sourced, or social media handles that encourage consumers to interact with your brand.

6. Your portfolio has expanded.
Added new products to your line? The packaging solution that’s right for one may not be the best fit for the others, especially if different sizes are included. Other label formats might be the best way to accommodate your brand’s changing needs.

Fort Dearborn Company sees packaging trends come and go, but an eye-catching label is always in style. Your product’s packaging is its signature – why not work with an innovator who understands?

Ready to update your packaging? Give Fort Dearborn’s team a call.

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