Drawing on the culture of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the AYRES beauty line brings a Latin touch to the Beauty world. Alejandro Rasic, founder of AYRES, wanted his beauty line and packaging to convey his love of his native land.

Professional Label - Ayres Body Butter

No surprise, then, that the AYRES labels are equally evocative, due in part to the materials used. We recommended using digital printing for the cream and black labels. Digital printing offers clear advantages for companies like AYRES, by opening the door to variable data and short-run printing like no other printing technology. These capabilities that dovetail perfectly with the market’s need for more versioning and brand variation.

The labels are printed on Avery Dennison’s white BOPP that creates intense, eye-catching blacks with a pearlescent finish that really stands out on the shelf while conveying the brand’s Argentina-inspired essence of passion. AYRES’ innovative labeling and packaging is already proving to be an important differentiator for the brand.


  • Digital printing to accommodate versioning and brand variation
  • Standout shelf appeal with pearlescent finish material

– In fact, the packaging and labels were inspired specifically by the traditional matte fishnet pattern that is a staple of Argentine tango.

– Alejandro Rasic, Founder, AYERS