Absopure wanted to give away one year subscriptions to The Detroit International Jazz Festival’s online service at the festival. They needed a way to accomplish this for the attendees across multiple stages during the 3-day music fest.



With Fort Dearborn Company’s digital printing capabilities, Absopure was able to print a total of 200 different six digit numbers produced in sequence on rolls of roll-fed labels.  The festival organizers felt that 1 of our 200 was sufficient to always have at least one winner in the crowd, and also an acceptable risk of multiple winners at one drawing.

To be a part of the contest, attendees had to make sure they had a bottle of Absopure Water, and look for the yellow box, which included the ticket number.  The winner(s) were announced right before each next act performed.  Over the course of the 3 day music festival, dozens of subscriptions were given away.