4 Reasons Stretch Sleeve Labels are an Excellent Option

September 15, 2016

Through the acquisition of SleeveCo, Fort Dearborn Company’s product offerings have expanded and now include stretch sleeve labels and stretch sleeve application equipment.

Swiffer stretch sleeve

High Impact Graphics
Branding and shelf appeal are important for every product in your product line. So what can you do to ensure that your product doesn’t become overshadowed by its competition? Simple. Choose a label that maximizes the billboard space available. Stretch Sleeve labels provide a 360 degree panel for displaying high impact graphics, brand identifiers, important ingredient information, instructions, product promotions, etc. Cost effective and very impactful, stretch sleeve labels provide great shelf appeal for products of all price points and sizes, ranging from eight ounces to fifty-five gallons.

If maximizing billboard space is important to your product line, stretch sleeves may be a great solution for ensuring brand continuity. For instance, you may be using shrink sleeve labels for your current products, but have added a product in a gallon container. Typically, shrink sleeve labels are not used on containers this size. When you have a larger container and want to capitalize on the billboard space available, stretch sleeves offer a way to continue your marketing message.

Promotions and coupons can also be incorporated onto stretch labels. This provides an avenue for cross-promoting other products in your product line or the inclusion of a coupon to encourage repeat purchases.

A stretch sleeve can also be used to package bottles in combinations of two, four, or six to create a multi-pack. Companies may choose a multi-pack to combine several items to create a larger unit of sale at a reduced cost. A stretch sleeve multi-pack will enhance a product’s visibility as well as help to cover barcodes on individual items so that a new barcode is easily created for the package.

Tidy Cats stretch sleeve

Environmentally Friendly
In addition to providing a product with 360-degree container coverage, stretch sleeve labels provide another attractive benefit to companies – recyclability. These labels are a great option for addressing environmental and sustainability concerns. Stretch sleeves are made from LLDPE resin, which is one of the most environmentally friendly films available.

A stretch sleeve is undersized in relation to the circumference of the container which reduces the amount of film used. Stretch sleeves do not utilize adhesive for seaming or application of the 360-degree label. They rely on the elasticity and the memory of the film and do not require any heat source or adhesive to remain in place on the container.

Stretch sleeves are 100% recyclable. LLDPE has a density of +/- 0.92 gr/ccm, which, in addition to the fact that no adhesives are used, provides for an easier separation process when recycling. All of these factors contribute to less environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.

Application Options
The cost effectiveness of stretch sleeves does not stop with the label. The equipment needed to apply the labels is affordable and is manufactured using corrosion-resistant stainless steel which provides for a longer life span and lower maintenance.

Whether the application needs are for a small operation with manual labor or larger companies that require high-speed automatic applicators, there are models available to best suit a customer’s needs. Automated equipment can run up to one hundred and fifty containers per minute.

Stretch sleeve applicators are ideal for decorating products in square, round, or other straight walled containers. Machines can easily be installed on existing product lines, lessening any disruption to manufacturing processes. Stretch sleeve application equipment also has a smaller footprint when compared to other labeling format equipment. Changeover times are quick – ensuring a speedy switch between containers and minimal downtime.

Operations Friendly
Stretch Sleeves combine high impact graphics with low operational costs. Here are a few highlights of running stretch sleeves in your operation.

  • The use of flexographic plates contributes to low front-end costs
  • Stretch labels are resistant to elements such as moisture, temperature, and light which support conditions for long lasting shelf appeal
  • Sleeve application is quick and efficient, with speeds ranging from 8 cpm to 150 cpm
  • Not only do you save on the cost of glue, but you also avoid costly adhesive-induced labeler jams and potential downtime cause subsequently
  • Both film and finished labels can be delivered via standard transportation without additional cost and energy of a refrigerated truck
It’s easy to see why stretch sleeve labels are one of the most popular and cost-effective ways to turbo charge sales. Call Fort Dearborn Company at 847-357-9500 or you can visit the Stretch Sleeve Label page for more information or you can easily request a quote on our website.