Cut & Stack Labels

Economical Decoration

Cut & stack labels are an economical way to decorate most containers for the food & beverage, spirits, automotive and household products industry. Fort Dearborn offers a variety of cut & stack labels for your decorating needs. Our standard labels provide the most economical container decoration while our premium labels provide your products with enhanced shelf impact.


Multiple Printing Technologies

In addition to standard lithographic printed labels, we offer other printing technologies including flexographic, our HiColour 7-color process and combination rotogravure/lithographic printing. Utilize any of these printing technologies to achieve the label design you desire.


Available Substrates

Fort Dearborn offers a variety of cut & stack substrates to meet the performance characteristics of your label. From standard to specialty papers, our selection provides you with several options including:

C1S & C2S | Premium Papers | Specialty Grades | Wet Strength | Metallized | OPP Film (Shrinkable) | Recycled 60# C1S & Wet Strength | Synthetics (Clear, White, Metallized)


Finishing Options

Several finishing options are also available for your cut & stack labels. Choose from:

Embossing | UV Coatings | Foil & Hot Stamping | Bronzing | Texturing | Standard & Specialty Die-Cutting | Other Coatings


Managing Your Label Inventory

Fort Dearborn’s label management programs will effectively manage inventories, reducing total applied cost by streamlining supply chain workflows, allowing our customers to focus on their core business. Benefits include eliminating lead time and the burden of obsolescence.


Innovation: New Product Development

Our shrinkable cut & stack labels combine the application benefits of cut & stack labels with the shelf impact of a shrink sleeve for a winning combination. More






    • Economical decoration

    • Multiple print technologies

    • Variety of substrates

    • Multiple print locations

    • Redundant production

    • State-of-art mix prevention






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Label Option Kits

Fort Dearborn offers a variety of options to support your Innovation and Sustainability efforts.